The Skills4Retail Consortium: A collaborative force Shaping the future of European retail

In the ever-evolving landscape of European retail, a transformative initiative is taking shape, poised to drive positive change and equip the workforce with the skills of tomorrow. The Skills4Retail Consortium stands as a shining example of collaboration and dedication, bringing together a diverse group of partners committed to accelerating the ‘Triple Transition’ – encompassing green, digital, and resilience – within the retail and wholesale sectors across Europe. This article shines a spotlight on the esteemed partners that constitute this formidable consortium.

Full Partners: The driving force

The core of the Skills4Retail Consortium comprises 23 Full Partners, each contributing their expertise and resources to achieve the initiative’s overarching goals.

Junior Achievement Europe (Coordinator): JA Europe, the leading organisation dedicated to inspiring and preparing young people for entrepreneurship, work readiness, and financial health, serves as the consortium’s coordinator. With a mission to inspire and equip the next generation, JA Europe plays a pivotal role in the Skills4Retail initiative.

Junior Achievement Portugal: Promoting conscious and inclusive entrepreneurship, Junior Achievement Portugal is a significant contributor to the consortium. Their focus on preparing children and young people for the future aligns seamlessly with Skills4Retail’s mission.

Junior Achievement Malta: JAM, or Junior Achievement Malta, equips young individuals with essential employment and entrepreneurship skills. Their commitment to nurturing a future-ready workforce resonates with the Skills4Retail vision.

Junior Achievement Romania: For nearly three decades, Junior Achievement Romania has been instrumental in developing skills, attitudes, and roles essential in a real market economy. Their experience enriches the consortium’s efforts.

Junior Achievement Latvia: JA Latvia is dedicated to promoting Latvia’s national economy through youth education and entrepreneurship programmes. Their focus on building the next generation of entrepreneurs is a cornerstone of Skills4Retail’s mission.

Junior Achievement Czech: JA Czech offers young people opportunities to acquire essential skills for a successful start in real life and the job market, aligning perfectly with Skills4Retail’s goals.

Junior Achievement Hungary: JA Hungary’s programmes provide students with insights into the world of business and managerial competencies, preparing them for future success.

Junior Achievement Austria: JA Austria fosters economic knowledge and social skills, giving young people a head start in their professional lives.

Junior Achievement Ireland: JA Ireland empowers and motivates young people to succeed in the evolving world of work by equipping them with essential skills, knowledge, and confidence.

Escola Profissional de Vila do Conde (Portugal): As a leading education and training provider, EPVC embodies the spirit of the consortium’s mission.

University of Bucharest (Romania): The University of Bucharest’s history of excellence in education and research perfectly complements Skills4Retail’s pursuit of innovation and pragmatism.

Scoala Superioara Comerciala N. Kretzulescu (Romania): With a rich legacy, this Bucharest-based institution brings a wealth of experience to the consortium.

Vocational Education Competence Centre – Riga Technical College (Latvia): Riga Technical College’s blend of higher professional education and vocational programmes aligns with Skills4Retail’s mission.

Szent György Hang- és Filmművészeti Technikum (Hungary): Founded in 1988, this institution is a crucial partner, offering a wide range of courses and industry partnerships.

Karlínská Business Academy (Czechia): Karlinska’s focus on entrepreneurship, responsibility, and mutual respect aligns seamlessly with Skills4Retail’s values.

DTSL (Ireland): DTSL’s commitment to up-skilling and leadership development resonates with the consortium’s goals.

Skillnet (Ireland): This organisation plays a vital role in advancing Ireland’s technology workforce and building critical technology skills.

Portuguese Out of the Box (Portugal): Out of the Box’s language teaching programme promotes practical application and informal learning, contributing to the consortium’s mission.

WKO WF, Austrian Chamber of Commerce (Austria): The WKO, representing Austrian business, adds depth and reach to Skills4Retail’s initiatives.

Matrix Internet (Ireland): As a full-service digital agency, Matrix brings digital marketing and international growth strategy expertise to the consortium.

Retail Ireland — Skillnet Ireland: This partnership ensures that current and future skills needs in the retail sector are addressed effectively.

Schuman Associates (Belgium): Schuman’s vast experience in European funding and public affairs strengthens Skills4Retail’s advocacy and outreach.

Accenture: A globally recognised IT and technology consulting services provider, Accenture’s expertise in business strategy and digital commerce augments the consortium’s capabilities.

Vállalkozók és Munkáltatók Országos Szövetsége — VOSZ (Hungary): Representing privately-owned enterprises in Hungary, VOSZ brings a valuable perspective to the consortium.

Associated Partners: Expanding the network

In addition to full partners, the Skills4Retail Consortium collaborates with 7 Associated Partners who contribute their unique strengths and insights:

University of Szeged (Hungary): A prestigious higher education institution, the University of Szeged enhances the consortium’s educational dimension.

EuroCommerce: As the European organisation representing the retail and wholesale sector, EuroCommerce offers invaluable sector-wide insights.

SOCR CR – (Czechia): Advocating for trade, tourism, and services, SOCR CR contributes to the consortium’s efforts to ensure predictability and justice in legal regulations.

SPAR Austria: A market leader in the Austrian grocery trade, SPAR Austria’s perspective enriches the consortium’s retail expertise.

Jeronimo Martins (Portugal): With a rich history, Jeronimo Martins adds depth to the consortium’s retail and distribution insights.

Intel: A pioneer in semiconductor technology, Intel’s contribution aligns with the consortium’s focus on digitalisation.

Global Union Europa (UNI Europa): As the European trade union federation for 7 million service workers, UNI Europa represents 272 national trade unions in 50 countries.

A collaborative vision

The Skills4Retail Consortium represents the embodiment of collaboration and shared vision. With full and associated partners offering their unique expertise, Skills4Retail is poised to make a lasting impact on the European retail sector. Together, they are transforming the retail workforce, driving sustainability, digitalization, and resilience, and shaping a brighter future for the industry across Europe.

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