Skills4Retail at Future of Retail Conference

The Future of Retail conference in Athens, taking place on April 5th and 6th, promises to be a key event in shaping the discourse around the evolving retail landscape in Europe. Organized by the Hellenic Confederation of Commerce & Entrepreneurship (ESEE), this conference brings together industry leaders, policymakers, and academics to delve into the current trends and future prospects of the global retail sector.

Among the participants at the conference is JA Europe, Skills4Retail project coordinator. JA Europe will be showcasing its Skills4Retail (S4R) project, a pioneering initiative aimed at empowering tomorrow’s leaders with essential skills and entrepreneurial mindset tailored for the retail industry.

Skills4Retail at Future of Retail Conference

The S4R project will be presented during a panel discussion at the conference, providing an opportunity for stakeholders to learn about innovative approaches to retail education and workforce development.

Key figures from the retail industry, academia, and international organizations such as the OECD and the European Commission will be in attendance, offering valuable insights and perspectives on the future of retail. Notable speakers include Lucia Cusmano, Head Economist and Deputy Director of the Entrepreneurship, SMEs and Tourism Division at the OECD, and Joanna Zawistowska, Responsible for Retail Policy at the European Commission.

In addition to showcasing the S4R project, JA Greece, in collaboration with JA Europe, will host a panel discussion featuring alumni who have undergone entrepreneurship training and successfully integrated into the labour market. This panel will provide first-hand accounts of the impact of entrepreneurship education in preparing young people for the challenges and opportunities of the retail industry.

With a diverse agenda encompassing keynote speeches, panel discussions, and fireside chats, the Future of Retail conference promises to be a dynamic platform for exploring the latest trends and strategies shaping the future of commerce. JA Europe’s participation in this event underscores its commitment to nurturing talent, fostering innovation, and driving positive change in the retail sector.

As the retail industry continues to evolve in response to technological advancements, shifting consumer behaviours, and emerging market trends, initiatives like Skills4Retail are more important than ever in equipping the next generation of retail professionals with the skills and mindset needed to thrive in a rapidly changing landscape. By investing in youth entrepreneurship and skills development, organisations like JA Europe are not only preparing young people for successful careers but also driving innovation and growth in the retail sector.

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