Launching Our Retail Talks Series with a Keynote from Kristin Schreiber, DG GROW

Introducing “Retail Talks” series

We are excited to present the first video in our “Retail Talks” series, featuring Kristin Schreiber, Director “Ecosystems 1: Chemicals, Food, Retail” at DG GROW, who discusses the pivotal role of skills in the transition of the retail sector towards a more resilient, digital, and green future.

Video Title: Retail Talks Series: Kristin Schreiber, Director “Ecosystems 1: Chemicals, Food, Retail”, DG GROW


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Transcript of the Video: “On the 12th of March we launched a transition pathway for a more resilient digital and green retail ecosystem. The pathway proposes actions supporting a competitive, sustainable, resilient and fair retail ecosystem. These actions were identified by stakeholders through an intense co-creation process. It comes very timely now when the retail ecosystem strives to remain competitive, keeping a difficult balance between the need to invest in the green and digital transformation and the need to guarantee low prices for consumers in the current inflationary context.

Retail is the biggest of all industrial ecosystems and most importantly the biggest employer in the EU economy. The twin transition leads to major changes in the labour retail market and for the transition to be successful it must be supported by the right skills. This is why skills play a pivotal role in the retail transition pathway.

We need commitment from all actors in the ecosystem to provide retail employees with the necessary skills. The skills for retail project will propose specific training paths for the retail ecosystem And we need a broad stakeholder Community to promote and support the implementation of the concrete actions proposed under the skills for retail project, to increase Outreach and awareness and to stimulate the exchange of best practices. The large scale partnership for skills and in retail, set up under the pack for skills, provides exactly a frame for that. It can take the Practical actions of the skills for retail projects further by providing a strategic steer by helping to pull resources, build synergies and create communities of practice.

I encourage retail ecosystem stakeholders to join the pack for skills and the large-scale partnership for skills and Retail. To make sure that they are part of this endeavour. Retail serves 450 million EU consumers daily and is closely interlinked with many other industrial ecosystems. it has a potential to drive the green and digital transition in the EU economy as a whole. so let’s join forces to support its transformation and provide its Workforce with the right skills. let’s also strive for the retail Workforce to benefit from Fair working conditions.”

Retail Talks Series

About the Retail Talks Series: Welcome to the “Retail Talks” playlist, a dedicated series brought to you by Skills4Retail. This playlist features a collection of discussions and presentations from leading experts and stakeholders in the retail sector. Each video aims to shed light on the transformative strategies being implemented to make the retail ecosystem more resilient, digital, and green.

Through “Retail Talks,” we explore the latest initiatives, including the EU’s Transition Pathway for retail, the development of a comprehensive Retail Skills Strategy, and various training programs aimed at equipping retail professionals with the skills needed for today’s challenges and tomorrow’s opportunities.

Join us as we delve into topics that drive innovation, foster sustainable practices, and promote digital transformation within the retail industry. This series is an essential resource for retailers, policymakers, educators, and anyone interested in the future of retail in Europe.


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