We’re a dynamic, efficient team guided by the motto: "Old ways won't open new doors.”

OTB EUROPE empowers clients in grant acquisition and performance improvement, fostering sustainable partnerships. Engaging stakeholders, we drive social innovation, shape policies in social entrepreneurship, foster cohesion, and contribute to an open digital environment, advancing the European project.

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Our contribution

to the Skills4Retail project

OTB EUROPE plays a pivotal role, providing essential expertise in shaping European policies and programmes. Our mission, focused on promoting European values and reinforcing the European project, perfectly aligns with the consortium’s goals. Our unique emphasis on elevating skills within the retail sector, steering clear of conventional important approaches, positions us as a driving force for positive transformation. 


Our mission

We’re contributing to the overarching mission of advancing the European project through a skilled and resilient retail sector.

OTB EUROPE serves as a think-tank platform for expertise on European policies, actively promoting values aligned with our central goal. Our focus on enhancing retail sector skills involves strategic initiatives capturing insights from diverse stakeholders, addressing dynamic skill requirements. This effort aims for positive change, propelling the sector towards sustained growth, adaptability, and excellence.


Where can you find us

Faro Office

Rua Luis Camoes, lote 26 r/c dt

8000-388 Faro, Portugal

Thank you for registering
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We are thrilled for your participation. Members of the Skills for Retail shall be reaching out to you for next steps to be engaged in the Alliance.

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