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JA Hungary connects education with successful Hungarian and foreign entrepreneurs by providing an entrepreneurial experience for young people. We provide digital content and internationally recognised online courses to transfer practical knowledge, as well as experiential learning.

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Our contribution

to the Skills4Retail project

JA Hungary is an active member of the consortium, and we aim to develop a new Retail Skills Strategy to contribute to the key development of the sector not only in Hungary but also internationally in cooperation with other countries. Through Skills4Retail we are providing solutions for future employees and current retail workers, for a more sustainable, digital, green and resilient future.

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Our mission

We’re responding to current retail needs and ensuring future success of the sector all over Europe.

Through its theoretical and practical training programs, JA Hungary aims to help young Hungarians become competent, independent and responsible employees and entrepreneurs, and to help them meet the expectations of their future employers, through developing a unique and innovative training programme. 

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Where can you find us

Szeged Office

4 Móra street, Szeged, 6725, Hungary

Thank you for registering
your interest to join the pledge.

We are thrilled for your participation. Members of the Skills for Retail shall be reaching out to you for next steps to be engaged in the Alliance.

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