2023 European E-commerce Report

Transforming the Landscape of European Retail: Insights from the 2023 European E-commerce Report

2023 European E-commerce Report

The European retail sector, an integral part of the continent’s economy, is undergoing significant transformations due to the ongoing digital and green transitions. The 2023 European E-commerce Report highlights several key trends and challenges facing the industry. At Skills4Retail, we are committed to equipping the workforce with the necessary skills to navigate these changes effectively.

Resilient Growth Amid Challenges

Despite the various challenges posed by geopolitical instability and economic fluctuations, the European B2C e-commerce turnover showed resilience and growth. From €849 billion in 2021, the turnover increased to €899 billion in 2022, demonstrating the robust nature of the retail sector. The report forecasts a further increase in growth rate for 2023, emphasizing the sector’s ongoing expansion and the critical need for a skilled workforce to support this growth.

The Digital and Green Imperatives

The retail sector’s evolution is prominently marked by digital and green imperatives. The European Commission and various stakeholders are intensifying efforts to facilitate this dual transition, aiming to create a more sustainable and technologically advanced retail environment. Skills4Retail aligns with these objectives by offering training programs focused on digital skills, sustainability practices, and resilience strategies to help retail professionals and businesses stay competitive and responsible.

Western Europe Leads, Eastern Europe Grows

Western Europe continues to hold the lion’s share of the e-commerce turnover, contributing 67% to the total. However, Eastern Europe is witnessing higher growth rates, signalling a shift and opportunity for market expansion in these regions. This dynamic landscape requires a strategic approach to skills development, where Skills4Retail plays a pivotal role by providing region-specific training that addresses local market needs and global trends.

Online Shopping: A Growing Trend

The report underscores a significant trend: a continuous increase in the number of online shoppers. In 2022, 78% of internet users in Europe engaged in online shopping, up from previous years. This trend highlights the increasing importance of e-commerce and the need for retail employees to possess up-to-date digital commerce skills. Skills4Retail’s programs are designed to enhance online sales competencies, customer service in digital platforms, and digital marketing skills, ensuring that the retail workforce is well-prepared for the current and future demands of the industry.

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As the retail sector continues to evolve, the demand for skilled professionals who can navigate the complexities of digital and green transitions grows. Skills4Retail is at the forefront of this transformation, offering comprehensive training and education solutions that empower individuals and businesses.

We invite retailers, educational institutions, and individuals interested in advancing their careers to explore our training programs and join our initiatives. Together, we can shape a future-proof retail landscape that is sustainable, innovative, and highly skilled.

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