Skills4Retail Launches EU-funded initiative to transform European retail and wholesale sector

On September 12, 2023, European policymakers and business leaders convened in Brussels for a landmark roundtable event hosted by Skills4Retail, aimed at addressing sustainability, digitalisation, and skill development within the retail and wholesale sector.

The gathering marked the official launch of Skills4Retail, a groundbreaking Europe-wide training initiative generously funded by the European Commission Erasmus and Partnerships For Innovation. This visionary project is spearheaded by an international consortium of 30 partners representing diverse sectors, including higher education institutions, training providers, retail industry leaders, recruitment agencies, and digital marketing experts.

Accelerating the ‘Triple Transition’ in European retail through skills.

The event, expertly moderated by Diana Filip, Deputy CEO of JA Europe, featured an impressive lineup of speakers:

The roundtable provided an engaging platform for attendees to delve into the pressing skills gap currently faced by the European Union. The Skills4Retail initiative was praised for its commitment to addressing the growing demand for upskilling in the retail sector.

Salvatore Nigro, CEO of JA Europe, emphasised the importance of bridging the gap between education and the private sector, stating, “There is a tremendous skills gap between what is today offered by the education sector and what is needed by the private sector. Our joint project will accelerate the triple transition for a more digital, green, and resilient Europe with a focus on the retail sector.”

Diana Filip, Deputy CEO and Chief Development Officer of JA Europe, added, “At JA Europe, we’re proud to be at the forefront of designing a retail skills strategy and VET training programme that equips the current and future workforce with skills to thrive in the evolving retail industry. Together with our partners, we’re forging a sustainable, digitally empowered future for the entire sector.”

Christel Delberghe, Director General of EuroCommerce, underscored the critical role of Skills4Retail, stating, “In retail and wholesale, more than 40% of companies see difficulties in finding talent with the right skills as a top barrier to a successful sector transformation. Skills4Retail is a chance to support the future competitiveness of the sector. This project will develop a retail skills strategy and a vocational education training programme with the potential to empower both existing and prospective employees to meet the demands of an ever-changing market.”

A pivotal moment in the transformation the European retail sector

The launch of Skills4Retail marks a pivotal moment in the transformation and resilience of the European retail and wholesale sector. With its multifaceted approach to upskilling the workforce and fostering collaboration among various stakeholders, it promises to future-proof the industry and align it with the demands of the modern world.

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