As the largest private business organisation in Hungary, we support businesses.

VOSZ represents 46% of Hungary’s GDP. We were founded in 1988 as the first voluntary, non-governmental employer’s association representing the interests of private enterprises. VOSZ runs the largest SME financing scheme in Hungary, in partnership with the Chamber of Commerce and Industry.

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Our contribution

to the Skills4Retail project

VOSZ has members from all sectors of the economy, including hundreds of retail businesses. Multinationals are also members with a nationwide network. We also have a high number of members dealing with adult education, ready to participate in the implementation of Skills4Retail.

We also have good links with other sectoral employers’ associations, so we already have a network to support this issue. 


Our mission

The training of workers is important for our association and our members, as well as the training of the young generation.

In our rapidly changing world, there are many challenges to be met at the same time, which is also driving change in the field of education and training. Our association wants to be at the forefront of the triple transition (green, digital, resilience), to help members on the path of change.


Where can you find us

Budapest Office

1065 Budapest Bajcsy-Zsilinszky út 53

Thank you for registering
your interest to join the pledge.

We are thrilled for your participation. Members of the Skills for Retail shall be reaching out to you for next steps to be engaged in the Alliance.

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