Helping organisations to transform digital skills at scale.

Digital Technology Skills is a leading entity for digital skills, innovation and entrepreneurial excellence, harnessing IT as an enabler for growth. By consistently raising the bar in the field of skills development innovation and entrepreneurship. Digital Technology Skills has rightfully earned the recognition as experts across all facets of digital and green skills. We have collaborated with over 100 industry partners and academic institutions, across multiple Pan-European projects in projects with a total value in excess of €60m.

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Our contribution

to the Skills4Retail project

We’re an integral part of the EU ecosystem actively involved in numerous funded projects under frameworks like Erasmus+, including several Blueprint for Skills Alliance consortia, Eureka and Cost Action. As a cornerstone for digital skills, innovation and entrepreneurial excellence, and a member of the EU Pact for Skills, we’re a strategic EU consortium partner of choice. We’ve built a reputation for accurately identifying and developing the skills needed to fuel growth and drive competitiveness, supporting the areas of talent and innovation, dissemination, utilisation, and sustainability. We creatively collaborate with industry to advance education in all its powerful forms. By marrying future needs with human talent, we push the boundaries to reimagine what’s possible.

Our Mission

Creating progressive futures and helping organisations to transform digital skills at scale, through the power of learning

Operating at the intersection of industry and academia, we provide strategic insights and applied skills that shape the future and accelerate competitiveness, harnessing technology as an enabler for growth. Through our extensive innovation network, we engage with a wide range of partners and clients to identify digital skills needs and to support in the delivery of impactful solutions.

Where can you find us

Dublin Office

Citywest Business Centre, 3013 Lake Drive, Dublin D24 YXW2 , Ireland

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